FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Why do I need to file my accounts in iXBRL format?

Both HMRC in the UK and the Revenue in Ireland require that companies file their Company Tax Returns online using iXBRL.  For further information see our PDF to iXBRL Conversion Service.

I do not understand iXBRL / XBRL?

You do not need to.  As we are experts in the technical process of conversion of financial statmetns to iXBRL / XBRL code, simply leave it to us.

My comprehension of the FRS, IFRS, GAAP and ESEF taxonomies is limited?

This is not a problem as when we undertake the job of converting your accounts, we supply the domain expertise with our extensive knowledge of the FRS, IFRS, GAAP and ESEF taxonomies.

My financial accounts have certain peculiarities that you may not understand?

These you can explain to us when supplying input, and in any case we will contact you when we have any specific accounts-related questions.

What is a Company Tax Return in the UK comprised of?

In the UK a Company Tax Return comprises:

  • CT600 form (including any supplementary pages)
  • Company accounts
  • Computations

 .... together with any other supporting documentation (in PDF format).  In all cases a Company Tax Return must be filed in iXBRL format.

Ordering and supply of input

I am not sure whether I wish to proceed or if my accounts are suitable for conversion by you?

Please feel free to contact us to regarding your requirement.

Also we are more than happy to take a look at accounts and discuss their conversion in advance of any commitment from you to proceed.  Example company accounts files are easily uploaded to us by going to the File Upload section of the site.

What input do you need from me?

What we require from you in order to complete the job:

  • Copy of your accounts in their native format (i.e. PDF, Word, Excel, InDesign, QuarkXPress, etc.) for each company/entity
  • If you have multiple file formats for a set of accounts, we would recommend supplying all of them to us just in case

How do I supply my input files to you?

You can supply these by:

  • Secure upload directly from this web site - go to the File Upload section of the site, create an account and then simply upload your files
  • Secure FTP – we will create a secure area on our server for your use to which you can upload your accounts
  • Alternatively these can also be emailed to us

Supplying Word or Excel files for conversion to iXBRL

My Word file has embedded objects in it?

Is this Word file suitable for conversion to iXBRL?  Yes our system can handle embedded objects within Word without problem.

My Excel file has embedded objects in it?

Is this Excel file suitable for conversion to iXBRL?  Yes our system can handle embedded objects within Excel without problem.

Deliverables and iXBRL / XBRL output files

What do the deliverables consist of?

The deliverables that are supplied to you are:

  • Financial accounts submitted by the customer are processed by us and the output is returned as valid iXBRL or XBRL files - one file for each set of accounts/entity (in the case of iXBRL the output can be visualised in a browser by clicking on the file)
  • Tagging Report - an easy-to-read Tagging Report in PDF format

.... see The Deliverables section for further information.

You have sent me a ZIP file, what should I do with it?

What the ZIP archive contains

In most cases we send the delivery files zipped (i.e. within a ZIP archive file) to protect them from alteration.

There are 2 files within the ZIP archive:

  • 1.  iXBRL/XBRL file  HTML file format – (iXBRL/XBRL code is contained within this file) – this file to be submitted for the Company Tax Return
  • 2.  PDF Tagging Report  PDF file format – report for your reference only – do not submit this file

How to unzip the files

If you are unsure as to how to unzip the files, please see: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSrSyQQArQ8

I want to double check that I am submitting correct the file for the Company Tax Return?

UK HMRC, Ireland Revenue – correct file to submit?

ZIP file – incorrect – the ZIP file needs first to be unzipped (to extract the PDF and HTML files that it contains)

PDF file – incorrect – this is the Visual Report which is for your reference only

HTML file – CORRECT – this is the correct file to submit (you can click on it to visualise it in a browser) – has embedded within it the necessary iXBRL code

How do I then use these deliverables to file my Company Tax Return?


For details see the section on Filing your Company Tax Return online with HMRC.

Ireland Revenue

For details see the section on Filing your Company Tax Return online with the Revenue.

Types of PDFs: native versus scanned PDFs

Does the type of PDF created matter?

For more information see Scanned PDFs.


The basics of how to fill in your Company Tax Return form

Who can use HMRC's Corporation Tax online filing software?

HMRC's free Corporation Tax Online filing software - demonstrator

Corporation Tax online filing and electronic payment

CT600 supplementary pages

My company is a member of a group of companies - can I use the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) online filing software?

A group company can use HMRC's online filing software unless they have to report any group transactions (for example Group Relief). Group transactions must be reported on supplementary page CT600C which is not included in the HMRC software.

No matter what software you use, you must set up a HMRC Corporation Tax online account before you can file returns online. Guidance for groups of companies setting up online accounts can be found on the Groups of companies: what to consider before setting up your online account page.

Long period accounts and short period accounts

Do you handles these?

The period that a company prepares accounts for (period of account) can be:

  • Longer than 12 months – long period accounts
  • Shorter than 12 months – short period accounts

Both these period types are easily handled by our accounts conversion solution.

HMRC – long and short period accounts